KA is an abbreviation for Knattspyrnufélag Akureyrar -  Akureyri Football Club.

Departments of the club:
Racket Sports - Tennis, Badminton, Ping Pong and more.

Dalsbraut 1
IS-600 Akureyri

See map:
Telephone:  462 3482  (answered in Icelandic).   Calling from abroad:  +  354 462 3482
Chairman of the club: Ingvar Már Gíslason, ingvar@nordlenska.is
Club manager:  Sćvar Pétursson,  saevar@ka.is

Everyone is invited to visit the area and have a trial practice with KA.
You can contact us at: 

KA sports:

Children, teenagers and grownups
KA has a men's team and a women´s team in handball in cooperation with Ţór (Thor) sports club.
Chairman for handball: Haddur Júlíus Stefánsson, haddur@internet.is
Head coach: Jónatan Magnússon, jonni@ka.is 

Children, teenagers and grownups
KA has a men´s team in football.
Women above the age of 16 compete in a joint team of Ţór (Thor) and KA.
The sports club Ţór is in charge of the women´s team, http://www.thorsport.is/
Manager of football:  Sćvar Pétursson, saevar@ka.is
Youth head coach: Ađalbjörn Hannesson, alli@ka.is

Tennis, Badminton, Ping Pong and more.
Children, teenagers and grownups.
Chairman for Tennis and Badminton:  Guđmundur Haukur Sigurđarson ghs@vistorka.is

Children, teenagers and grownups
KA has both men´s and women´s teams.
Chairman for Volleyball:  Karl M Valtýsson, karlm@akureyri.is  
Coach:  Filip Pawel Szewczyk,  filipsd@gmail.com

Training facilities.
KA has good facilities; indoors in the KA sports hall and outdoors on the football fields outside the sports hall. One of the fields outdoors is a heated artificial grass field. See here for a map. (finna leiđ til ađ nota kort)
The sports hall is also used for school sports for Lundarskóli – the neighborhood elementary school.
Indoor practice is scheduled in the KA sport´s hall, the football hall Boginn and other sports halls in Akureyri. Outdoor practice is on the training grounds, grass and artificial grass.

Other sports in Akureyri
In Akureyri you can find many other sports and sports clubs.  They offer children and grownups the opportunity to practice sports for competition or leisure.  Here you can find information about other sports clubs in Akureyri.  http://www.iba.is/is/adildarfelog/adildarfelog  

KA was established 1928 by a group of boys interested in playing football in a club as a team.

Knattspyrnufélag Akureyrar  |  Dalsbraut 1 600 Akureyri  |  S. 462 3482 | Hafa samband